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  1. 1. How To Add Staff

  2. 2. How To Add Services

  3. 3. How To Add Products

  4. 4. How To Add Taxes

  5. 5. How To Add Resource

  6. 6. How To Add Staff Working Hours

  7. Are There Any Limits To My Account?

  8. Can I Apply Different Taxes for Products and Services

  9. Can I Double Book?

  10. Can I Process Card Payments Through The System?

  11. Can I Use My Barcode Scanner?

  12. Can I Use My Cashdraw / Till?

  13. Can Some Services Not Be Available Online?

  14. Do You Have A Call Centre?

  15. Do You Have A Demo?

  16. Do You Support Multiple Locations?

  17. Does Shedul Use A Lot Of Data?

  18. Hooray! New FREE Features Launched!

  19. How Do I Add Processing Time

  20. How Do I Back Up My Data?

  21. How Do I Block Time eg Lunch

  22. How Do I Printing Receipts?

  23. How To Add Multiple Locations

  24. How To Add Product Categories, Brands and Suppliers

  25. How To Add Staff To Locations

  26. How To Allocate Staff to Services

  27. How To Apply A Discount

  28. How To Apply Commissions

  29. How To Apply Tips

  30. How To Create An Appointment

  31. How To Create Discounts

  32. How To Raise An Invoice

  33. How To Rebook An Appointment

  34. How To Redeem Gift Vouchers

  35. How To Redeem Service Vouchers

  36. How To Sell Products and Vouchers On Their Own?

  37. How to Sell Vouchers

  38. How To Set Up Other Logins

  39. How To Setup Online Bookings

  40. How To Track Product Consumption

  41. How To Transfer Stock Between Locations

  42. How To Use SMS Reminders

  43. I Can't Add Mobile Numbers?

  44. Introducing Shedul's New Design

  45. Is My Data Safe?

  46. Is Shedul Available In Other Languages?

  47. Is There A Shedul App?

  48. Is There An Offline Mode?

  49. Order And Receive Stock

  50. Recommend SMS Reminder Settings

  51. Reports Dashboard

  52. Shedul Are Sharing The Love

  53. Shedul's Revamped Inventory

  54. Shiny New POS and More Free Features!

  55. Staff Notes and Start Date

  56. Vouchers and More New Features for Free

  57. What Printer / Hardware Is Required?

  58. When are "Thank You" Messages Sent?

  59. When Are Thank You Messages Sent?

  60. Which Countries Have SMS Reminders?

  61. Which Web Browser

  62. Why Is Shedul Free?

  63. Why Is SMS Only For Reminders?

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