Updates To Your Newly Customisable Invoices

Customisable Invoice Notes

Invoices are incredibly important for your business. For this reason, we've enabled customisable notes per invoice, giving you the freedom to add any additional information you may need, be it the client's address, Insurance details, Provider numbers or simply a personlised note regarding their next appointment. 

As part of the checkout flow, on the Payments page, select the More Options buttton, then Invoice Details where you can add your Invoice Notes

Freely add any important information that you would like to be included on your invoice and Save. 

Once saved, the invoice notes will display at the bottom of the invoice when printed, downloaded or emailed. 

Please noteThese notes were previously called Payment Notes and were for internal use only. They have now been updated to Invoices notes and are displayed to the client. 

Standardise All Invoices

Additionally to ad-hoc notes, you can also edit your invoices from the settings page to standardise the information displayed across all invoices, be it your brand slogan, a TRN number or RMT numbers. These can be applied under Setup and Invoices and Receipts

For more information, view our video on how to customise all invoices from the settings page:

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