Understanding Your Reports

Shedul have been working with some of the most experienced consultants to ensure your business has state-of-the-art reports. 

Each report tracks different metrics and has a specific function. Under "Analytics">"Reports" you'll find:
  • Appointments summary = total value of appointments based on the date of the appointment
  • Finances summary (Sales)  = Invoices raised (paid and unpaid) based on the day the invoice was raised.
  • Payments summary = Total payments made based on when they were made
For example, an Appointment could be on Monday, the invoice raised on Tuesday and the Payment made on Wednesday. Therefore, each report will reflect different metrics.

The exported Sales log report will provide you with a very detailed breakdown of every single item sold including Taxes, Discounts, Dates and more. 

TIP: For simplicity, we recommend you Checkout appointments as soon as the appointment has been completed. This way, your Appointments, Sales and Payments will match and it'll be easy to spot variations. 

To understand where your Summary figures are gathered from, go to the "Sales" tab where you'll find "Appointments", "Invoices" and "Payments". Here you'll find every single line item. 

All reports can be exported at anytime. You'll find the export options in the top right hand corner of all reports. 

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