Wooh! Introduction to New Reports

Important Updates To Your Snazzy New Reports

Considering your reports are the window to every aspect of your business, we've made sure your business analysis is easier than ever!

We've entirely revamped Shedul's Reports section. Not only have we given you a state-of-the-art Dashboard with live, automated updates, we've now restructured, added new reports and entirely recreated the backend to ensure you can export reports in lighting speed! 

Here are the key highlights of what you should be aware of:

Newly Added Reports
For better visibility, we've redesigned, added new sections and added an array of new reports, including the following:
Name Changes
Although we have not removed any reports, some have been renamed: 
Tracking Vouchers
All vouchers are now tracked in the "Accrual" accounting model. This ensures vouchers are only calculated once within your reports, meaning:
  • Voucher Sales are now excluded from all "Sales" Reports under "Analytics"
  • Voucher Sales are included in all "Payment" Reports
  • "Payment" Reports exclude Voucher Redemptions.
Eg If I sell a $100 voucher today and the client pays in cash, it will show the $100 cash payment in my "Payment Summary" report. When the client redeems the voucher at a later date, the redemption will not show on the "Payment Summary".

TIP: You'll notice Voucher sales are tracked separately within the "Finances Summary" report. 
Once a voucher is sold, it is considered a "Liability". It is only tracked as revenue once the voucher is redeemed or expired. 

Tracking Taxes
We've added a new Taxes Summary report to make your end of month, quarter and year much easier. 
As a result, it is important to understand the following definitions which will also appear in other reports:
  • Gross Sales = Total Value of Sales exclusive of any taxes, discount and refunds
  • Net Sales = Total Value of Sales exclusive of taxes but inclusive of discounts and refunds
  • Total Sales = Total Value of Sales inclusive of taxes, discounts and refunds 
Gross Sales = $100 Service [- $10 discount + 10% Tax]. Gross Value = $100 (no discount, no taxes, no refunds)
Net Sales = $100 Service - $10 discount [+ 10% Tax]. Net Value = $90 (discount and refund applied, no taxes)
Total Sales = $100 Service - $10 discount + 10% Tax. Total Sales = ($99 ) or (£90 UK) (discount, taxes and refunds applied (if appliable))
   - US are exclusive taxes, UK are inclusive taxes

TIP: To start making the most out of all of these reports, make sure you Check Out each and every appointment after it's completed: How To Raise An Invoice


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