Appointments By Colour

Shedul's sprinkling some colour into your day to day schedule! You can now manage your appointment colours by service type, staff member or status.

Go to "Setup">"Calendar Settings" and edit "Appointment Colors"
You'll select one of the following options before Saving Changes:
  • By Booking Status
  • By Service Group
  • By Staff Booked
Booking Status
This means the appointment will be coloured by the Status of the appointment:
  • Confirmed - Blue
  • Arrived - Yellow
  • Started - Green
  • No Show - Red
  • Completed - Grey
Service Group
The appointment colours will display based on the colours allocated under "Services" where you can click the Service Group and then allocate your preferred colour for that group of services.

Staff Booked
The appointment colours will now display based on the Staff member booked and you can allocate colours to staff members under "Staff">"Staff Members" click on a staff member and select your preferred colour. When you drag and drop a service to another staff member, you'll see the colours change accordingly :) 

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