Analytics Dashboard

Shedul's state-of-the-art Analytics Dashboard provides businesses with a top level review of your business's performance, with LIVE updates! 

No need to click refresh, simply watch the numbers increase as your clients book online and your appointments are checked out.

Under "Analytics" from the left hand menu, you'll find your dashboard, highlighting:
  • Total Appointments
  • Total Sales
  • Online Appointments 
  • Average Sale
  • Occupancy
  • Client Retention
Dashboards can be filtered by both Staff and Date Ranges and date range comparisons also:

Detailed Reports and Summaries can be found on the tab to the left of "Dashboards" called "Reports".

  • Total Appointments
    This is the summary of all appointments booked for that particular day, including cancelled and no-show appointments.
  • Total Sales
    This is calculated by the total number on invoices raised for this day, including paid, part paid and unpaid invoices **Total Sales currently includes the Sale of Vouchers, as well as the Redemption of Vouchers**
  • Online Appointments
    The number of appointments that were booked online for that given day
  • Average Sales
    Average value of your raised invoices for the given day
  • Occuppency
    Provides a high level snap shot of the working hours vs your working hours. This excludes "process time" but includes service "blocktime". It also excludes "Cancelled" and N"o show" appointments. 
  • Client Retention (Sales)
    Total percentage of Sales from returning clients VS Sales of new and walk in clients within the allocated period. **Clients are no longer considered "new" once the appointment has been checked out**

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