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I would like to send my clients mailers for specials Via SMS & Email; including Birthdays / Rebook Reminder / Seasonal / Ad-Hoc, Blasts, Newsletter / Marketing Reports / Custom Anniversary Date / html

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    Heidi De JagerHeidi De Jager shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  JustyneAdminJustyne (Admin, Shedul) responded  · 

    Hey Team

    Marketing tools have started and are a few months away but reminders are already available and a seperate feature.

    The reminders/confirmations will send automatically but depend on your settings. If your confirmation and reminders overlap then a reminder may not be sent to avoid doubling up and your customer receiving too many messages. e.g if they’ve just booked an appointment for an hours time, they don’t need a confirmation and a reminder.

    Have a look at “Client Notifications” and see what your advance notice period is and what your “no remind if confirmation was sent” period is. Then you can set it up to however suits your business best. Here you can also personalise the messages.

    To make some test appointments, set your reminders to 2 hours in advance and the ‘no reminder’ period to 1 hour. Remember to save. Then make a new booking with yourself for 3:30 hours in advance and see the messages come through.

    You can also check the status of the message under the “Messages” tab at the top

    Small tip: Keep your “Do Not Send” window as wide as possible and double check the clients contact details


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      • sajidasajida commented  · 

        alot of corporate servers bounce the emails sent. is their a way to prevent that?

      • Rebbecca VettingRebbecca Vetting commented  · 

        It would be great to be able to send out promotional emails to all of my clients at once or to a specific group of clients biased on previous purchases or date of last visit etc.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        is there any sms notifications available for Norway? that is more used here than just emails. thanks

      • thayse cesarthayse cesar commented  · 

        can someone please contact me,my text message still not working.

      • GemmaGemma commented  · 

        How long till this is completed?

      • Muhammad AkbarMuhammad Akbar commented  · 

        Please enable the SMS notification service for Saudi Arabia

      • sam.turnersam.turner commented  · 

        It would be great if we were able to send out a mass text to all of our clients notifying them of any unexpected closures in our Gym.

        This will then prevent upset when they turn up for a fitness session and they are unable to have their session.

        Will this be included in the upcoming Marketing tools?

      • HelenHelen commented  · 

        Send out texts to clients to ask for their email address for marketing purposes.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Also could we have clients reply to reminders. Also sms reminder to be longer as i have run out off characters.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The email notification is working, but not able to have the SMS message send. I would think I would need their carrier info, but maybe I am wrong. I didn't see anything else that needed set up, other than entering the phone number and making sure the notification was set to SMS. Any suggestions?

      • Alexandre LabelleAlexandre Labelle commented  · 

        It would be great in the SMS sent for reminder if it would have a little note that says not to respond to that SMS or have a button they can click to confirm or change themselves their appointment and it would automaticaly change to "confirmed" on the calendar when they click on it.

      • StephSteph commented  · 

        It would be great if you could send messages/emails to all your clients about specials

      • Shedul SupportAdminShedul Support (Customer Service, Shedul) commented  · 

        thanks for the suggestion! You can export your data by going to "Reports" >"Client List" adjust your filters to "All time", "View", then "Excel" to Export.

        You will then have a full list of all of your data to use one Mail Chimp.

      • The FederationThe Federation commented  · 

        We would also love this feature. We use Mailchimp for our marketing newsletters and it would be great to pull a list from Shedul.

      • Jonathan Van VoorheesJonathan Van Voorhees commented  · 

        We would like to see reminders for clients that have not visited for some period of time i.e. Sally Smith hasn't been in in 6 weeks we would like to send sSally a reminder that she needs to come in for another service. Right now reminders are only sent to clients that already have an appointment on the book.

      • FabioFabio commented  · 

        if could be possible when add a new costoumer in shedul adding also it in mailchimp

      • SheliaShelia commented  · 

        Would like to be able to send out Batch Emails to clients/customers

      • Rebekah PikeRebekah Pike commented  · 

        Definately need this asap. To be able to "set and forget". Some great simple "templates" would be great too with easy to read Pictures and headlines to be able to customise and change simply would be great! Links to book online and purchase would be essential.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        For my business, SMS notifications are more reliable. Hope to see this feature soon.

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