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happy new year to all at Shedul

wondering if you can incorporate a feature to send Group emails to clients offering discounts and special offers.

wouold love to hear as this is a feature that i currently use from my company email account and wondered id its possible to use from the Shedul Platform.
(would save copy and paste)

please adv
best wishes for 2018

I would like to send my clients mailers for specials Via SMS & Email; including Birthdays / Rebook Reminder / Seasonal / Ad-Hoc, Blasts, Newsletter / Marketing Reports / Custom Anniversary Date / html

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    thebeautyclinic shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • sandra.wisdom commented  · 

        Hi,i would love to be able to send group messages and e-mails to customers informing them of offers and promotions availavble to them.Please can this service become available asap.
        Thankyou very much

      • Oana commented  · 

        Hi, I normally send at least one "Newsletter" email to all my clients,

        At the moment i use mailchimp but i need to keep updating the database with each customer details, and is very time consuming, it would be great if i could do this directly from here as the information is there and i don't need to waste my time updating mailchimp

      • nicki_walker commented  · 

        This feature would be perfect now as we are fast approaching valentines day.

      • Healing Hippie commented  · 

        Please pretty please - i am entering all my clients in that is system and really need/ want to be able to contact them for announcements - specials - marketing in general.
        I need these to be able to be SMS and Email - most of my Clients i do not have email for.
        Thank you!

      • Binco commented  · 

        I think also with Facebook Messanger should be sent this things

      • Ricci Tyler commented  · 

        it would be nice to be able to send out a mass email or text to all of the clients to let them know of important changes or information or specials

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        In the messages section have SMS on other items not just reminders so we can send letters via sms to clients about holiday bookings or closure notices please. also the ability to create your own sms not just the standard ones

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        promotions and festive wishes (personalized messages)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I'm wanting to send a message to all of my clients such as an email stating "Due to many no-shows we will now be enabling a charge for no shows" or something like that so everyone gets the message.

      • michela commented  · 

        sorry if this has already been asked, I have searched the suggestions but cant find anything..

        Its great that we get the emails and text generated by the software regarding appointments.
        But it would be great if there was a way we could have all our clients emails added to a list..and then we can send out random monthly emails with offers or news letters.. or a friendly message for clients that no longer visit us? from our 'schdul' email account instead of having to do manually through other personal email domains..
        htms :-))

      • Laura fletcher commented  · 

        + Advertising emails (monthly or weekly offers)

        + New letters about the salon & upcoming events.

        + Personal emails to clients I.e bithday emails

      • Jennifer Garcia commented  · 

        I would like to be able to create a customized message to send to all clients on a one-time/as needed basis from time to time.

      • Emma commented  · 

        when is this going live? also told the beginning of the year. this would be an amazing tool

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I was told the marketing tool was due soon at the beginning of the year. it would be one of the most helpful tools to grow a business. It is disappointing its taking so long. using the likes of Mailchimp is quiet difficult and very time consuming. please can you say when this tool will be live?

      • Megan commented  · 

        Looking forward to this being a feature. Any idea when it may happen?
        Thank you.

      • Sue Hampton-Matthews commented  · 

        To send out a mailshot to promote special offers or invite to special events.

      • Raj bhaidas commented  · 

        This feature will be fantastic for our business will make marketing and client retention so much easier.

      • Zakia Sherani Prasad commented  · 

        This will be a big plus towards the marketing side of things! would be great to be able to send automatic birthday messages/specials to clients and also special offers coming up.

        Cant wait for this feature :-D

      • Lorraine Kelly commented  · 

        I like to have promotions within my salon but have to use an outside source to send out promotional e-mails to my clients. Is that something that Shedul would be able to do. I've been using Shedul for a couple of years now and absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity.

      • Buket commented  · 

        Hi people from shedul,
        Is it possible to send all of my clients the same email at once? For example by pussing one button in shedul you can select the emails from all the clients?
        Cause i am going on holliday and i want to send all of my clients an email with the dates i am close. But 400 clients sending an email one by one wil take to much time.
        Thank you.

        Greatzzzz Buket

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