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App for iPhones and Androids


You guys should create a downloadable free app for Shedul that can be downloaded on android and apple devices. This app should also be able to be used offline and then once wifi or data is on it would upload any offline appointments or updates made on the website version. This would be really helpful when on the go, especially since my phone doesn't have data so I'm only able to check my bookings while I'm at home or somewhere else with WiFi. Thanks.

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    Amanda Soliman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminJustyne (Admin, Shedul) responded  · 

    Hi Team.

    Shedul is already a Web App which means it’s already 100% optimised for mobiles and also means we can automatically release updates and new features every two weeks, without you needing to physically update a downloaded Native App every two weeks.

    Basically, with a Web App, we can auto update your account for you regularly so you always have the latest version! :)

    You can also already open your calendar on your mobile then “Add To Home Screen”. A Shedul Icon will then appear alongside your other applications for quick, easy access.

    The downloadable app is in process, as it’s in high demand, but you’ll see Shedul is 100% optimised for Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time :)

    And freeeeee :D

    Email us if you have any questions!


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        You don't need an app !!! We opened a new salon about a month ago and are using schdul. I don't understand the need for an app. The web app works just fine on PC's, tablets and phone. Your time and resources would be far better put in to other improvements.

      • Matthew commented  · 

        Hi Team, any idea on the timescales for this please?

      • Samantha Price commented  · 

        Only problem with the web app I find is I have to continually log back in every time I click the home screen add on, rather than just keeping me logged in, also goes back to the date I added it to home screen. It didn't do this when I first got shedul. Actually don't use it during the day anymore because of this and tend to update once a week.

      • levinpugsley commented  · 

        I had clients booking me, and I received absolutely no notification! Can’t figure out what’s going on and I haven’t had any responses from Shedul to help me.

      • JamiWardTheBasement commented  · 

        IOS or Android Mobile App interface. Its hard when you do not have full Wi-Fi connection or great service to load the program on Mobile.

        Also a way to sync to Google/Android/IOS colanders.

      • John Crichton commented  · 

        An app with notifications to stylists would be great. I'd love to get notifications of new / modified appointments, as well as reminders for upcoming appointments a short amount of time (1-2 hours) before the appointment starts.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I’d love it to be an app

      • ashley commented  · 

        def need an app for iphones just started using this

      • Ashley Johnson commented  · 

        for those of you needing an "app" for shedul.
        I found this to be just the thing! it stops the annoying Multiple tab in browser thing!
        make sure to read the app details when installing and you will be in love!
        Set a web page (eg. your shedul calander) copy and past the link. toggle on/off the desired settings for page. Create homescreen shortcut.

        NOTES: while in app never use back key on device, instead use menu navigation and close x buttons in shedule. if some thing is not showing or not responding, open recent active apps and swipe away and relaunch from home screen.

        You are welcome!!

        and thanks shedul. for this amazing product!!

      • Stuart commented  · 

        shedul needs 3 things more than anything else right now. The ability to process payments, the ability to book more than 1 therapist to an appointment (couples massage packages) and an app.
        With these 3, this application would be a market leader IMO.

        The website might be mobile friendly but it needs to be a proper, fully functioning, customisable app.

        The app needs to be for our customers not just for the manager/employees of the spa/salon. (I agree with one person who says if there is a small fee for an app that gave us all this functionality, I would not mind paying).

        Can you provide us with an update please?

      • Daniel commented  · 

        With your new updates I can no longer use you on iPad for selecting services or customers with same names. Help asap

      • Nancy commented  · 

        The web app works fine. But the only problem is that it keeps opening a new browser every time you open it. Which is very annoying.

        I do understand that it’s easier for a free option but I wouldn’t mind paying a one off £3.99 to have it as an actual app on my iPhone. That way I can always access it and continue where I last was. Also payment integration would be fab.

      • Alisha commented  · 

        Logging in every two seconds and all the tabs are annoying. My only two complaints

      • David Karvasales commented  · 

        So many beggars and choosers on these forums... What part of free do these people not get?

      • James commented  · 

        The only thing is every time you press the Shedul home screen button it opens a whole new web page so I end up with tonnes of Sheryl pages and it's really annoying

      • Anh Bui commented  · 

        How do you add the App Shdeul to your desktop?

      • Dominic commented  · 

        The problem with the "Add to home screen" option is that we now have several Shedul tabs in our browser.

      • Lucy commented  · 

        Is there a way we can stay logged in, once added to 'Home Screen' , like an app, rather than constantly logging in with my details? Thanks :-)

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