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Calendar Hide Non-Working Hours

I don't need to see all 24 hrs of the day on the calendar when I look at it. All us to see maybe two hours before and after the shift starts or ends or have that grey area shown before/after shift customizable. Then the actual appointments can spread out to wider blocks - instead of taking 30 min of 24 hr day they would take up 30 min of an 8 hour day

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    Matthew Previtera shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  AdminJustyne (Admin, Shedul) responded  · 

    To reduce the amount of scrolling taking place on the calendar, we have now hidden the non-working hours from the beginning of the day / top of the calendar.

    You can still add appointments in the non-working “area” by using the Green + Button in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar :)


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      • Truong commented  · 

        it would be best to take all the gray area out and only the operate visible on screen that would make the screen and time frame larger you can actually see the details of your appointment without click on it

      • andrew commented  · 

        I'm really hoping this comes in to effect really soon as we have bookable working hours for a couple in the morning and a couple later on in the afternoon so it's a pain to have such a long gap in the middle.
        Do you have any idea when it will happen?

      • LisaJ commented  · 

        Chose what hours we want to see over the week rather then a 24 hour time
        I only need 8 hours and don’t need to keep scrolling
        This idea was updated in 2017, would like to see it happen

      • Tamara commented  · 

        Can the calendar hours be chosen? I don't like having to scroll so far up and down. My hours are 9-4, seems silly to have midnight to midnight displayed. There should be an option to change the display hours.

        Also, the "blocked off" days and times should be a much darker grey, it is hard to distinguish between white and light grey.

      • Katie commented  · 

        Being able to only see the shop open hours or a set time on the calendar instead of 24 hours, also the option to zoom out to see the whole day instead of scrolling please :)

      • katie commented  · 

        Any idea when this will be released? Last updated was over a year ago...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        this would be so helpful. When will it be implemented?

      • Michelle H commented  · 

        Hi. Would love to be able to edit this to. Reducing the calender start and end time would reduce the unnecessary scrolling. Thank you

      • Sophie Tobin commented  · 

        Hi, any idea when this will be complete? It would really make a difference to me as I only work three days at the moment.

      • Geert commented  · 

        yes pls.
        both not-show non-working days all together (eg Sunday) as well as hours that none of the staff have in their roster (eg midnite to 8am), would make it more read- and usable

      • Jesi commented  · 

        That would be amazing !!! It is so massive on my page, it would be good to not have to scroll so much.

      • JoJami-Elle commented  · 

        I would love to know this too ! it would make it so much easier to print!

      • Trampoline 1 commented  · 

        I got my clients coming evening only but calendar starts from 0:00 and need to scroll down to see if I got appointments every day. We need to be able to see calendar from time we want please.

      • Carol commented  · 

        I canrnt figure out how to have the calender only set to my business hours. its a lot of scrolling up and down when its set as a 24 hours day. Please if I am just not looking in the right place can someone pls direct me.

      • Owen Ayres commented  · 

        Justyne, is this coming up anytime soon? It'd make the overview of the day for employees much easier.

      • pamela commented  · 

        in addition, i don't work on Sundays or Mondays, would be great to delete non-working days from calendar - maybe the rest of calendar would display larger? thnx!! (loving shedul by the way!!)

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